Ohio's New Covenant Emmaus!


THIRD Tuesday of each month @6:45pm

Grace United Methodist Church

301 E Market St

Washington Ct Hs, Ohio 43160

Countdown to women's walk #1:


  • Pilgrim arrival time on June 22 is between 6:30 & 7:30 p.m., with a light meal served after check in. Sponsor's Hour is at 8 p.m.

  • Be sure to sign up to pray on the Prayer Vigil during Sponsor's Hour or by using the "ONLINE PRAYER VIGIL." (Link is in blue.)

  • Saturday service is scheduled for June 24th at approximately 8:15 p.m. Enter through the front doors and go to the sanctuary.

  • Closing is scheduled on June 25th at approximately 4:45 p.m. Enter through front or side door and gather in Fellowship Hall. Any leftover food will be served after closing. Please bring food to share! You can drop it off at Fellowship Hall when you arrive for closing.

  • CHILDCARE IS ONLY AVAILABLE FOR CLOSING so please do not bring children on Thursday or Saturday. Thanks.


Name | City | Sponsor(s)

Angel Boll | Wilmington | Ginger Pendell & Latasha Ruddle

Brenda Clary | Washington CH | Keith Clary

Pam Conley | Washington CH | Keith Clary

Nancy Crouse | Washington CH | Wanda Hughes

Nancy Curl | Lynchburg | Brenda Lieurance

Carley Ellis | Blanchester | Rhonda and David Woodgeard

Kirsty Furnas | Wilmington | Susie Kerns

Brandy Gadwa | Wilmington | Chris Gadwa

Jenny Hartman |Blanchester | Eric Heeg

Lynn Hoffman | Washington CH | Martha Whitley

Bailey Hurt | Winchester | Jacob Hurt/John & Melissa Gillespie

Erin Jones | Wilmington | Andrew & Latasha Ruddle

Sharon Miller | New Holland | Mell Wickensimer/Denise Kiger

Steph Montgomery | Blanchester | Kelly & Terry Erwin

Diane Poppler | Washington CH | Sharon Jordan / David Jarrell

Nakkea Mulkey | New Vienna | Kaliegh Earley

Debbie Reno | Hillsboro | Shelley Wogan/Bobbie Reno

Gloria Simmons | Washington CH | Billy Groves

Shawna Slaven | Lynchburg | Robin Garman

DeAnna Thomas | Wilmington | Dana and Damian Tomlinson

Natalie Ware |Washington CH | Wanda Hughes

Cathy Warner | Lebanon | Dawn Richards

Tanya Whiting | Sabina | Shelley Wogan / Robyn Hinman

Char Wilson | Crestline | Bill Sowash



June 22-25th 2023

Kitchen Volunteers needed:

Thursday evening 5:30-8:30

Friday Breakfast 6:30-10:30

Friday Supper 3:30-7:00 -Full!

Saturday Lunch 10:30-2:30

Saturday Supper 3:30-7:00

Sunday Lunch 10:30-2:30

Sunday Closing/Clean Up 1:30-Finish

Please contact Kathy Ginn at


The Live-In Team

Position Name Talk

Lay Director Martha Scott -Perseverance

Asst Lay Director Janet Osborne -Priority

Asst Lay Director Lori Byrom -Fourth Day

Asst Lay Director Latasha Ruddle -Growth Through Study

Spiritual Director Maurice Mitchell -Means of Grace

Asst Spiritual Director Dave Hinman -Sanctifying Grace

Asst Spiritual Director Mark Armstrong -Justifying Grace

Music Director Susan Thompson

Asst. Music Director Queda Knuckles

Board Rep Robyn Hinman

Audio/Visual Mary Brose

Table Leader Debbie Pratt -Priesthood of all Believers

Table Leader Delilah Pritchett -Body of Christ

Table Leader Lana Runnels -Discipleship

Table Leader Brenda Armstrong -Christian Action

Table Leader Melissa Moore Metcalfe- Life of Piety

Table Leader Robin Smalley -Changing Our World

Asst Table Leader Ruth Carpenter

Asst Table Leader Pauline Lyons

Asst Table Leader Dana Tomlinson

Asst Table Leader Katie Terrell

Asst Table Leader Danaye Franek

Asst Table Leader Felicia Freese


Please don't wait to write your Agape to the Pilgrims!

You know how important it was to you!

Deadline for Agape is

June 25 at 9 a.m.

An important reminder regarding Table Agape:

According to the "Hand Book On Emmaus" on page # 60, "Table agape is an expression of unconditional love,

therefore personal names are not attached, although Reunion Group or church names are acceptable."

Please do not include people's names in reunion groups. Thank you for your cooperation in this matter.


Ohio's New Covenant Emmaus Resource Center

List of Pilgrims, Team and Walk Needs

Newsletter, upcoming walk needs,

Enter your prayer requests here and pray over those in need of prayer.

Walk/Sponsor Application, Newsletter Archives, Accountability Group Flyer, by-laws, committee descriptions, more!

Looking for ways to give back to the community? We need your help!.

Chrysalis & Kairos Ministry Information

(Local Page Coming Soon)

If you want to be a leader, you need to keep up with the world green trends.

Send us an email! We would love to hear from you.


301 E Market St Washington Court House, Ohio 43160


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